Harding Hustle

2015 Date is July 25th

Harding Hustle 50k is part of the SoCal Ultra Grand Prix Series

All race distacnes are part of the Trail Runner Trophy Series

2014 15k Winners
Eddie Somers (1:18:01)
Kylie Nishisaka (1:10:59)*
2014 50k Winners
Bed Bartley (4:01:55)*
Ana Guijarro (5:02:09)
2014 30k Winners
Greg Friedman (2:09:35)
Annie Vogel-Ciernia (2:54:30)
First to the Top (50K)
Ben Coyle (2:19:05)
Ana Guijarro (2:56:08)
First to the Top (30K)
Greg Friedman (1:13:59)
Carey May (1:41:59)
* Course Record

Two dirty Bens after the 50k.
2014 First place Ben Bartley and 2nd place Ben Coyle.

Congrats to all 2014 Harding Hustle Runners!!

You can view results at LiveRunCast

video from Harding Hustle runner Glenn Jones