Twin Peaks

Next race is scheduled for October 15th, 2016!

Congrats to all finishers in 2015.
The 50 Mile had a 65% finish rate!
Top 3 Men 50M:
Mario Martinez, 9:09:05
Jerry Garcia, 9:17:40
Ian Grettenberger, 9:35:31
Top 3 Women 50M:
Deysi Osegueda, 12:16:26
Jeri Ginsburg, 13:37:18
Selina Nordberg, 13:49:12
Top 3 Men 50k:
Dean Dobberteen, 6:16:12
Steve Livingston, 5:50:09
Eric Hammann, 5:54:29
Top 3 Women 50k:
Michelle Racicot, 6:50:14
Keira Henninger, 6:59:41
Diana Pacheco, 7:06:06

Results with splits

Save the date! 2016 Race is tentatively scheduled for October 15th, 2016

Photo by Greg Hardesty (Twin Peaks 2014)

At 15,000’+ of elevation gain (all over the first 42 miles), Twin Peaks has more elevation gain* than any other North American 50 mile race and is arguably the toughest 50 miler in the US (or at least top 3!). This race is tough as you can find out by asking anybody who has ran it before. It is not for the squeamish. That being said, it IS a fantastic race with great support and a beautiful course. If you are looking for a fun, challenging and beautiful ultra, then Twin Peaks is for you.

*(this claim is an estimate and has not been scientifically proven! :)